Dear Taylor, It Beats

Posted by Shades Mountain Student Ministries | Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Taylor,
   Yesterday your mother and I got to see you for the second time. My how you've grown. You've got little arms and everything. They're so tiny, but they'll get big. No worries.
   We were worried that you might not be okay. It'd been a long time since we've seen you and sometimes not seeing someone you love in a long time makes you a little worried. But the moment the doctor turned her little machine on I saw you right away. And the first thing I saw was this little flash right in the middle of your tiny was your heart, just beating away. Letting your mom and I know that everything was okay.

   The doctor asked us if we wanted to hear it. Well duh, of course we did. She said we might not be able to hear it but she'd give it a try. She flipped a switch and we heard, "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!"
   It was so loud and so fast. You must have been as excited as we were.
   Then my favorite thing wiggled. You were moving all around. It was like you knew we were watching you and you were putting on a show for us.
   Well done Taylor. It was a wonderful little show. I was very proud.
   I won't see you again for a few more weeks, but I want you to know that I love you.

   Keep that heart beating for me. Mine beats for you.

                                                                     Love, Daddy

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I meant to ask the other night what sweet little sentimental things you're doing for the baby. You guys are so good about that kind of stuff.

Now I know. This is perfect ;).

Whoops! I left a comment about this post, but accidentally left it on the wrong post! (Thursday AMs are always a little fuzzy for me.) Read the comment under "Short and Sweet".